2013 Honda Crosstour vs. 2013 Subaru Outback

2013 Honda CrosstourThe crossover craze has hit Silko Honda in Raynham, and Easton area drivers have truly embraced this wildly popular choice as their new people mover. The most popular model is the newly refreshed 2013 Honda Crosstour. Featuring new styling, a newly refined interior, an impressive V6, and a nice boost to its fuel efficiency, the 2013 Crosstour offers the flexibility of a hatchback and the comfort of a sedan all wrapped up in the stellar safety features you expect from Honda. Although there are other options in the land of crossovers, such as the 2013 Subaru Outback, here at Silko Honda we have two very important reasons why we feel that you and the people you move will be better off with the new Crosstour.

  1. Cutting-Edge Convenience: The 2013 Crosstour offers a simple press of a button for power windows to open or close. The Outback, on the other hand, only offers an automatic choice for the driver and power window switches have to be held down until the window is down or up completely. The windows on the Crosstour can also be operated using a key in the outside lock cylinder or keyless remote. You have to be inside the Outback with the engine running to operate the windows, and you will need them down, as there is no rear air conditioning on the Outback. While inside the Outback you can’t connect to your Smartphone, but, never fear, you can use HondaLink to connect with your Crossover!
  2. Stellar Safety Innovations: The Crosstour is loaded with smart airbags that are designed with speed and seat sensors that allow the airbags to deploy at different levels of force based upon the force of the impact. These same sensors will also keep the airbags from deploying based on passenger size, and the side airbags will shut off if a child leans into the door. The Outback doesn’t feature smart airbags and therefore its airbags will always deploy using full force.

The Crosstour can also be equipped with the optional blind spot warning system. This uses cameras mated with computer technology to alert the driver to when a moving object enters the vehicle’s blind spot and cannot be seen by the side mirrors. This technology is not available on the Outback.

Test Drive a 2013 Crosstour

These fabulous features are just a few of the treats you will discover in the 2013 Honda Crossover. For more information or to experience a test drive, visit Silko Honda today, located only 20 minutes away from Easton via MA-106 E and MA-24 S. We look forward to meeting you!