The 2014 Honda Civic Si Sedan vs. the 2014 Ford Focus ST

The 2014 Honda Civic is already one of the most popular vehicles among our Raynham and Easton drivers here at Silko Honda. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more than the standard Civic, we have a solution. It’s called the 2014 Honda Civic Si Sedan, and it takes racing-inspired elements and the sport-tuned sedan to a whole new level. Stylish, powerful, and easily affordable, this Civic is unlike much else on the road.

Though the Civic Si is a unique car this doesn’t mean other automakers aren’t trying to compete with it. How does something like the 2014 Ford Focus ST stand up to the Si? Let’s take a look.

Honda Offers an Affordable Sport-Tuned Sedan

If you’re looking at vehicles such as the Civic Si and Focus ST, there’s probably a good chance you’re willing to spend a little extra to make sure your car gets the features you want—but why spend extra if you don’t have to? The Focus ST is priced at $24,115 while the 2014 Honda Civic Si Sedan carries an MSRP of just $22,990. That’s a savings of over $1,000 if you drive the Honda instead of the Ford.

Honda Comes Out Ahead in Features

Honda has been changing the auto world with their standard features package, and while you might expect a vehicle like the Focus ST to be well equipped, it still falls short of the Civic Si in at least a few places. Here are some of the features you can find on the Civic Si that are either not available or require upgrades to the Focus ST:

  • Rearview camera system
  • Stereo anti-theft system
  • Power moonroof
  • Remote trunk release

Safety Ratings

The Civic Si Sedan also earned a Five Star rating from the NHTSA for their important Front Side Crash Test, while the Focus ST only managed a Four Star rating. Honda offers better features, better safety, and a lower price. What more could you ask for?

Visit Silko Honda for a Test Drive

Vehicles like the 2014 Honda Civic Si Sedan have some pretty impressive numbers and features, but at the end of the day, they demand to be driven. Make the trip from Easton to our Raynham showroom at 1580 New State Highway and get behind the wheel of a Civic Si today. Contact Silko Honda if you have any questions, or better yet, just drop by and see the Si for yourself.