Honda Named Most Durable Brand by Polk

April 2nd, 2014 by

2014 Honda PilotFor the vast majority of consumers, reliability and longevity are two of the most important considerations when purchasing a vehicle. When you buy a new car, truck, or van, you want to know that it will run smoothly for as long as possible. Other considerations like speed, style, and interior features are important, but ultimately you want to get the most possible value for the investment you have made.

In a recent study of vehicle registration statistics from 1988-2012, it was conclusively shown that more Honda vehicles sold within the last 25 years are still on the road than any other automaker. That fact, more than any other, illustrates how durable and long lasting the entire lineup of Honda vehicles truly is. As many as 75% of Hondas sold during that period are still starting up and driving strong for their owners. This tells us a few things about owning a Honda:

Higher Resale Value

Vehicles that are built to last don’t just retain their value for a single owner—they retain their value for all owners. That means that used Hondas fetch a higher sale price than other comparable vehicles. When vehicles do not rapidly depreciate in value, they enable their owners to recoup more of their initial investment when they decide to sell.

Lower Maintenance Costs

A normal vehicle life cycle goes something like this: Someone buys a car and drives it until problems present themselves. They pay to have minor issues fixed, but as the car gets older and more worn down, the cost of repairs increases significantly. When they become prohibitively expensive, people opt to buy something new rather than dumping money into a failing vehicle.

Hondas, by contrast, last longer with less maintenance, meaning that owners don’t have to constantly write checks to mechanics. That reduces the overall cost of ownership significantly.

Enjoy Your New Honda for Years to Come

New Honda vehicles continue to win awards for their value and reliability. If you are shopping for a better vehicle and looking for something you can depend on day-in and day-out, a Honda is a smart choice. Browse our inventory here at Silko Honda, and work with our automotive experts to find the model that best meets your needs!