How Does Lane Departure Warning Work?

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Honda models come equipped with a safety features known as Lane Departure Warning, which alerts drivers if you start to drift from your intended lane without using your turn signal. Using impressive Honda technology, which includes a front camera located behind the windshield, the vehicle is fitted to recognize lane signals and knows when the vehicle starts to leave its lane. By doing this, Plymouth drivers can rest assured their Honda model is doing everything possible to protect you from harm.

How it Works

The Lane Departure Warning system will automatically turn on when the vehicle is driving at least 45 miles per hour and is traveling on straight or slightly curvy roadways. Should you start to drift lanes without activating your turn signal, your Honda model will flash an LDW warning light on your vehicle’s instrument panel or an orange warning signal on select Honda models.

In addition to the warning lights, your vehicle will also start to distribute a series of beeps to ensure it has your full attention and you know to guide your vehicle back onto the Easton, MA roads. This feature is meant to help the driver make the safer driving decision, and it will not automatically steer the vehicle back into its intended lane.

The Lane Departure Warning option can be turned on and off by pressing and holding the LDW button located to the left of your steering wheel column. In addition, there are certain times the Lane Departure Warning system may not engage, including during inclement weather or if there is a high amount of internal heat. In addition, the Lane Departure Warning system will turn off when the brakes are applied on your vehicle or if you turn on the turn signal. In addition, the accuracy of the Lane Departure Warning system will vary based on speed, weather, and road conditions, so never rely on this safety feature to be the deciding factor in how you drive. You are still ultimately responsible for avoiding collisions while on the road.

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