Oil Change 101: What You Need to Know

June 23rd, 2017 by


Oil changes may seem like the most basic aspect of car maintenance. Every few months, you simply bring your vehicle in to have your oil changed, and that’s that. However, there is certain information that is crucial for you to understand and abide by to keep your vehicle running as it should. Silko Honda’s oil change 101 guide provides you all the details you didn’t know you needed.

What Does an Oil Change Include?

Oil changes aren’t just about oil. A full-service oil change typically includes:

  • Tire pressure checks
  • Air filter, wiper blades, battery, and vehicle light assessments
  • Addition of transmission, power steering, and washer fluids

What Type of Oil Is Needed? How Often Should It Be Changed?

The type of oil lubricating your engine and how often it needs to be changed depends largely on the type of vehicle you drive. With varieties like synthetic oil, synthetic blends, high mileage oil, and conventional oil on the market, it can be confusing. When in doubt, consult your owner’s manual or the service department at a dealership like Silko Honda. You’ll also want to check your oil in between changes to ensure it’s maintaining a proper level and that there aren’t any noticeable changes in oil color or consistency.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

We all know we need to get the oil changed on our vehicles every so often, but why? For one, your engine needs consistent oil lubrication to function properly, which means infrequent oil changes could result in significant wear and tear on your powertrain. Plus, oil keeps certain engine components cool, so overheating becomes much less likely, and it also keeps your engine clean. What’s more, you’ll save money at the gas pump when you appropriately change your oil, as poor engine lubrication can lead to greater fuel consumption. Perhaps the most crucial element of oil changes, though, is the bigger picture – that they allow your vehicle to last longer. If you’re investing in your vehicle, why wouldn’t you want to take care of it as best you can to keep it running for as long as possible?

Rely on Silko Honda for All Your Service Needs

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