Does Honda Make An EV?

July 8th, 2022 by
2024 Honda Prologue rendering

If you’re an eco-friendly driver you might wonder, “Does Honda Make an EV?” As of now, the answer is no. While Honda offers EVs outside of the U.S market, you can’t currently purchase a Honda EV in Raynham. That said, things are about to rapidly change for Honda! Honda has long adopted hybrid efficiency and is shifting focus to include the electric vehicle market. First in line is the 2024 Honda Prologue, the first ever Honda electric SUV. Read through our Honda research guide below to learn more about the future plans for Honda electric cars, so you can make the switch when the time comes!



What Is the Future of Honda Electric Cars?

The future of Honda electric cars is bright, sustainable, and set to transform the automotive landscape. Honda has a set goal of reaching total carbon neutrality by 2050. To help meet that, 30 Honda EVs will be introduced around the globe by 2030. While the Honda design team announced its embarkment on its EV journey nearly two years ago, the immediate future includes three phases:

  • 2024: Introduce the Honda Prologue
  • 2026: Start production and bring Honda EV models to market based on the new Honda e:Architecture
  • 2027: Introduce new series of affordable EVs based on a new vehicle architecture co-developed with GM

With this plan, Honda hopes to bring 500,000 EVs to the streets in North America by 2030. The current design work and future plans for the Honda EV lineup have been made possible by our collaboration with GM. Together, Honda and GM are co-developing future models, and Honda is utilizing GM’s current EV platform for the first Honda electric cars!

2024 Honda Prologue: Honda Electric SUV

The 2024 Honda Prologue release date has yet to be announced, but EV innovation is here to stay for Honda. This trailblazing SUV not only is coming to offer a premium EV experience, but it also represents the future visions of the entire Honda brand. The Honda Prologue is set to offer a stunning exterior that will leave a lasting impression on every Taunton drive. The goal of the Prologue design is to offer a driving range similar to the gas-powered lineup available from Honda. With that much power, you can say goodbye to range anxiety!

Learn More About Honda Electric Cars Today!

Soon enough, when you ask, “Does Honda make an EV?”, the answer will be yes! The Honda Prologue is just the beginning. By the end of the decade, Honda electric SUVs and cars will be all over the Fall River streets. If you have lingering questions about the future of Honda, our partnership with GM, or the services our team can provide, contact us today!


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