Honda Wins Highway Safety Hero Award From the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

June 30th, 2014 by

Honda Civic SafetyVehicle safety is about much more than airbags these days. The focus has shifted from protecting drivers and passengers, though that is still a priority, to helping drivers avoid accidents entirely and reduce the damage inflicted on other cars and pedestrians in the event of a collision. Honda has always made vehicle safety a priority, and they have lead the pack in recent years by introducing advanced technologies and making premium safety features standard across the lineup. This uncompromising commitment to safety recently garnered the automaker a prestigious  award.

Honda is a Highway Safety Hero

The award is given out by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety and honors individuals and automakers “in recognition of efforts to save lives, prevent injuries and make roads safer.” This year’s award was given to a number of individuals, but Honda was the only automaker that was singled out.

The judges focused in on two specific Honda achievements when they talked about what so impressed them about the current lineup of vehicles. The first was Honda’s commitment to pedestrian safety. Recent models feature collapsible hood hinges and breakaway windshield wiper pivots which are designed to reduce head trauma in the event of a collision with a pedestrian. Damage to the brain accounts for 60% of automotive pedestrian fatalities, but Honda is taking steps to protect people both inside and outside its vehicles.

The other feature of note was the introduction of rearview cameras to 94% of the Honda lineup  including the current 2014 Honda Civic. These cameras make parking a lot easier, but they also help drivers avoid backing into pedestrians, bikers, and oncoming traffic. Backing up has been an automotive hazard since the car was first invented, but rearview cameras are quickly taking the danger out of it. By 2015, they will be a standard feature on all Honda vehicles.

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