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How to Be Fuel Efficient While Driving

2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe

Whether you drive a Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid or a Honda Odyssey minivan, learning how to be fuel efficient while driving is a simple skill that can improve your performance and save you tons of money in Brockton. And luckily, there is a wide range of fuel-efficient driving habits with big benefits for minimal effort. Find out how can you save fuel while driving on hills, in traffic, and when braking with Silko Honda.

Top 5 Fuel Efficient Driving Habits

From Taunton work commutes to road trips with the family, your car goes through a lot in an average year. That means there are plenty of opportunities to practice fuel efficient driving habits in different settings, so here are a few of the best tips and tricks to try out:

  • Acceleration and Braking: When your car works hard, it burns more fuel. Accelerating softly and coasting to a stop puts less stress on your car’s components, which means saving extra fuel.
  • Plan Ahead: Stop-and-go traffic is as inefficient as it gets, so finding a new route home can pay off in a big way. Whether you need to leave a little earlier or try a different path, you can save time and money by planning ahead.
  • Avoid High Speeds: Traveling at high speeds is also taxing on your powertrain. If you’re hitting the highways, try to remain between 55 mph and 65 mph if possible to keep your car in the efficient range.
  • Driving on Hills: How can you save fuel while driving on hills? Slow down as you go uphill and take advantage of your car’s momentum to guide you downhill.
  • Air Conditioning: The air conditioning system in your car can increase your fuel usage by up to 20%. On hot days, try to use the recirculate function instead of blasting your AC.

Learn More with Silko Honda

Do you have more questions about how can you save fuel while driving on hills or Fall River highways? Our team would be happy to help you learn how to be fuel-efficient, so contact us for more information. From finding a new car to planning your next maintenance appointment, Silko Honda is here to assist you in the Raynham area.


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