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How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

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Like any other component of your vehicle, tires experience wear and tear over the course of use and time. In fact, tires may be the most physically impacted part of your vehicle when driving the roads of Fall River and beyond since they’re making consistent, grueling contact with the harsh pavement wherever you go. It goes without saying then, that getting the most out of your investment by learning how to make tires last longer is of importance for many motorists. 

After reading this article, you’ll be privy to some tire-life-lengthening tips that may just save you some money over the course of your motoring career. Keep reading to learn how to make your tires last longer, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

First Off, What Causes Irregular Tire Tread Wear? 

A good automotive mechanic knows the symptoms of different issues, which helps them identify what problems a vehicle is having. Get ready for a little inside information here: different types of tread wear patterns can indicate different issues your vehicle is having. If your tires are showing the following signs after your Brockton travels, it may indicate a specific issue: 

  • Inner & Outer Tread Wear: This is also known as ‘toe wear’ or ‘camber wear’ – toe and camber refer to the angles, front and back, side to side, that the wheel is positioned at. Some show-cars are modified to display excessive camber, to the sacrifice of tire and wheel bearing lifespan. On a normal Taunton vehicle, however, there should be very little to no toe or camber so that your tires ride flat on the ground and wear as evenly as possible. If your tires are wearing more on one side than the other, your vehicle could be out of alignment.
  • Center Wear: A tire with a wear pattern resembling a stripe down the middle of the tread is most likely just overinflated. Check the recommended tire pressure for the tire, and drop the pressure to that level.
  • Edge Wear: If the edges of your tire’s tread pattern are worn closer to the wall of the tire than not, you are most likely driving on these tires too often when they are underinflated. It may be wise to check for leaks if you are constantly having to refill your tires.
  • Cupping Wear: Cupping wear is represented by diagonal scalloping of the tire’s tread pattern. This typically indicates a serious issue with the suspension system, and you should schedule a service appointment without delay. 
  • Patchy Wear: If the tread wear on your tire is showing up in patches, they’re likely either faulty tires or are out of balance, and it’s time to see a mechanic like the ones at our Raynham service center

Turn Regular Tires Into Long Life Tires!

Obviously, a cheap set of tires won’t last as long as ones made of more durable rubber compounds, but regardless of how much money you end up choosing to spend on your tires, you can extend their life and further your investment’s value by sticking to four pretty basic tire-related rules:

  1. Check your tire pressure and adjust accordingly – on a monthly basis!
  2. Have your tires rotated every 5,000 miles, and stick to it!
  3. Have your tires balanced at the recommendation of your chosen service center!
  4. Commit to twice-yearly steering/suspension alignment checks and adjustments!

The apex of these habits and your shopping choices is the ability to stick to these rules while also choosing to invest in well-reviewed, long-life tires, like the ones offered through our team of knowledgeable service advisors.

Tires, Brakes, Engines & More in Raynham!

Whether its new tires, brake servicing, or a whole engine overhaul you’re looking for, the team of certified mechanics and Honda product experts at Silko Honda is here to see to it that you’re well taken care of and that the job is done right the first time – every time. Click here to schedule an appointment online if you need a new set of long-life tires or you require major repairs – it’s super quick and easy!

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