When Do I Need Brake Service?

April 14th, 2013 by

Brake RepairsThere is one surefire way to know that you need new brake pads, but you sure don’t want to find out when your foot goes to the floor and hear a terrifying grinding sound as you slow to a stop. That grinding noise is your calipers tearing into your rotors, and you had better believe that it is expensive to fix.

No, there are better ways to check your brake pads, and we’re going to let you know, because nobody likes telling a driver that they will need to have their rotors resurfaced.

Signs You Need New Brake Pads

As we said, there’s one really easy and really dangerous way to know you need new brakes, but here are some things that you can do to check if your in need of new brake pads.

  • Listen- The majority of brake pads have a strip of metal in their edge that, once the pad is worn down far enough, will vibrate really loudly and make a squealing sound to alert you to their replacement. This doesn’t always work, however, and sometimes you need to find another method.
  • Look- If you have a jack, you can raise your car up and remove the tire to check on your brake pads. Do not use your spare tire jack unless you have no other option, and remember to block your tires and use proper safety measures for when you raise a vehicle. From here, you can look and see how much is left of each brake pad and determine how often you need new ones.
  • Ask- The next time you’re getting your oil changed here at Silko Honda, ask us to take a look at your brake pads, and we can tell you whether or not they should be replaced now, soon, or if you have some time left.

It’s also a good idea to write down at what mileage you change your brake pads as well as how long they are supposed to last. This way you can have a rough idea as to when they need changing and can be sure that they aren’t wearing down too quickly (this can indicate another problem entirely).

Choose Silko Honda for Auto Service

The next time you need new brake pads, drop by and let us take care of it. And remember, routine maintenance is covered under SilkoCare for the first two years when you buy your Honda from us!