Why Is My Car Shaking After a Snow Storm?

Why Is My Car Shaking After a Snow Storm?

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From late fall to early spring, we have to deal with snowy driving here in Raynham. While many of us have experience handling the conditions, you might notice your car feels off after a winter storm. This may lead you to ask, “Why is my car shaking after a snowstorm?” If you feel a vibration in your steering wheel or under your seat after a snowstorm, don’t panic! Car shaking after snow is a common experience for many Brockton drivers. Below, the Silko Honda service team will go over the cause of a shakey vehicle during the winter!

What Causes Car Shaking After Snow?

If you’re searching, “Why is my car shaking after a snowstorm?” you may feel nervous to hit the Hanover streets. While understandable, the culprit behind your shakey ride is likely a minor issue. Usually, an accumulation of ice on your tires is what leads to vibration as you drive through North Attleboro after a heavy downfall of snow.

The added weight of ice and snow on your tires throws off the balance of your vehicle, leading to a jarring sensation. If you’re noticing vibrations through your grip on the steering wheel, you probably have ice on your front tires. Shaking in your seat is often caused by ice accumulation on the rear tires.

While considered more of a minor inconvenience than a serious maintenance issue, traveling on unbalanced tires over an extended period of time can be disastrous. Unbalanced tires put unneeded stress and strain on your suspension and other steering components. If you’re dealing with this issue, find your solutions below!

How to Fix a Car Shaking After Snow

To fix a shaking car after a snowstorm, follow the tips listed here:

  • Remove the snow and ice with a glove or hot water. First, grab an old glove to protect your hand and to stay warm. Once equipped, you can remove the frozen mush from the wheel, rotor, and wheel well. If you only need to remove light snow, you can get rid of it by taking your vehicle through a hot car wash.
  • Wait for the snow to melt or remove the refrozen ice. An alternative option is to simply wait for the snow and ice to melt if you’re having no luck removing it. As you travel, you might get refreeze that can cause the vibrations to continue. If your vehicle is shaking after a snowstorm after you’ve removed all of the frozen ice and snow, you may be dealing with a different, more serious issue. Contact our service pros for guidance.

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Now that you know that a shakey car after a snowstorm isn’t the end of the world, you can quickly solve the issue and get back to safe travels. Whether you’re looking for more service tips or need to book an appointment for major car care, Silko Honda has you covered. We take great pride in serving our community and we can’t wait to work with you next. Contact us today if you have any lingering questions about servicing your vehicle.